A New Blog on Github

Here is everything I did to create this blog with Hugo and publish it on GitHub. I don’t have to do it again but may help others to do the same.

You’ll need Hugo and Git. Once you have Hugo, create the blog with:

brew install hugo
hugo new site blog
cd blog
git init

The next step is to choose a theme, which took me a long time. Go to https://themes.gohugo.io/, make sure to browse the demo of the preferred themes. In my case I choose Blackburn. Get the theme with:

cd themes
git clone https://github.com/yoshiharuyamashita/blackburn.git

Open config.toml and copy the content from the theme repository. Edit or add the following variables:

  • title
  • author
  • theme
  • subtitle
  • brand
  • googleAnalytics
  • disqus
  • highlightjs
  • highlightjs_extra_languages


title = "Johandry's Blog"
author = "Johandry Amador"
theme = "blackburn"

  subtitle = "Things & Stuffs about DevOps and Go"
  brand = "Johandry"
  disqus = "johandry"
  highlightjs = "vs2015"
  highlightjs_extra_languages = ["yaml", "bash", "dockerfile", "go", "json", "makefile", "shell"]

Modify, if you need it, the links or content in the [menu] section and add the username or ID in the [social] section or delete those you don’t have.

You are ready for the first post!

hugo new post/first-post.md

Open the file post/first-post.md to add your first content.

Use hugo to see how it looks:

hugo server -D

Now open in a browser http://localhost:1313.

When you are happy with the content, make sure to remove the metadata draft. Otherwise it won’t be considered by hugo when regenerate the site. Also, include the tags or topics using the metadata tags and topics, like this:

title: "A New Blog on Github"
date: 2017-10-28T23:42:14-07:00
tags: ["Hugo", "Blogging"]

From the 3 options to publish the blog on GitHub I opt for the gh-pages branch option. And this is what I did:

Create a GitHub repository named blog, very original, right?

# Ignore public/ in the master branch:
echo "public" >> .gitignore

# Initialize the master branch:
git add .
git commit -m "First commit"
git remote add origin https://github.com/johandry/blog.git
git push origin master

# Initialize branch gh-pages as an empty orphan branch:
git checkout --orphan gh-pages
git reset --hard
git commit --allow-empty -m "Initializing gh-pages branch"
git push origin gh-pages
git checkout master

# Check out the gh-pages branch into the public/ folder:
rm -rf public
git worktree add -B gh-pages public origin/gh-pages

Go to the DNS service and create a subdomain named blog configured as an alias for the CNAME of my github page, which is johandry.github.io. In my repository I also have the project johandry.github.io so it’s required to create the file static/CNAME with the domain name.

echo "blog.johandry.com" > static/CNAME

Go to SettingsGitHub Pages in the blog repository. Make sure Source is set to gh-pages branch and enter the domain name in Custom Domain (i.e. blog.johandry.com).

Open config.toml again and update the baseURL variable to the base URL using the domain name: baseURL = "http://blog.johandry.com/".

Regenerate the blog, commit and push it:


cd public
git add .
git commit -m "Publishing to gh-pages"
cd ..

git push origin gh-pages

You may have to wait a few minutes for the domain name to be replicated, then go to http://blog.johandry.com to test your new blog.


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