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Introduction to Microservices in Go, part 1

This is a very simple example about how to build a microservice in Go. It’s meant for a quick Go and Microservices tutorial series covering from the a RESTful API to gRPC on Kubernetes. The purpose of this microservice is a catalog of movies. The code is at and every section is a branch, clone the repo and change branch for every section. git clone A simple RESTful API Let’s start with a simple RESTfull API by making a simple web server.

A New Blog on Github

Here is everything I did to create this blog with Hugo and publish it on GitHub. I don’t have to do it again but may help others to do the same. You’ll need Hugo and Git. Once you have Hugo, create the blog with: brew install hugo hugo new site blog cd blog git init The next step is to choose a theme, which took me a long time.

First Post

Is it? Nah! I think this is my 3rd attempt to start a blog. I started with then I started a cool project with PerlDancer and created this other blog Also, there were a couple of failed attempts with I’ll continue posting, I have some ideas and projects that I have in my Github. Most of them related to Go and DevOps. Stay tuned!